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It’s Time to Stop Thinking Positive!
You’ve heard all the gurus telling you that thinking positive will finally break your repeating patterns. You’ve read their books. You’ve watched their seminars and you’ve done the work. The problem is you haven’t gotten the results you want. You may have found that…
  • Positive Thinking Is Hard Work
  • Positive Thinking Is Exhausting
  • Positive Thinking Is Useless
What Would You Want to Be Different?
If you could wake up to your dream life tomorrow, what would that look like? 
  • A fulfilling marriage
  • A booming business with thousands of raving customers
  • Your body healthy and energetic 
  • ​Amazing relationships with friends and family
The joy, peace, and tranquility of your dream life seems to slip further and further away, doesn’t it? You’ve been trying for years and the positive thinking approach just isn’t cutting it.

So, What’s the Rest of Your Life Going to Look Like?
If you’re like most people, your answer is simple: “more of the same”. Yep, that means you’ll keep going through the cycles—hating your relationship, struggling with your business or career, despising your body, and never experiencing the level of love you desire with those closest to you. 
But hey, at least, you’ll do it all with a smile, right?

Unless you do something different…

It’s time to let go of positive thinking.

It’s a dirty Band-Aid® that’s never going to serve you.

Do You Want Help Making Real Change?
I’m Belanie Dishong from Live at Choice. I’ve helped thousands of clients learn how to stop thinking positive and finally break the repeating patterns in their life. I created a simple webinar to show you how to get unstuck and discover how you can step into the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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During this training you will learn....
Why even a positive person has negative repeating patterns!
Why positive thinking is failing you!
What to do instead of positive thinking that will get you what you want!
About Your Host....

Belanie Dishong, Founder and CEO of Live at Choice, is the author of a #1 international best seller, keynote speaker, workshop leader, and expert in experiential training techniques that empower her clients to create breakthroughs that lead to transformational and sustainable life changes. Since 1993, she has led thousands of entrepreneurs and corporations in effectiveness workshops, resulting in greater performance, passion and success.

Belanie has developed a proven process and tangible tools that lead people to experience critical self-discovery. Her unique process empowers participants to understand exactly where the limitations in their relationships, finances, and careers occur, and teaches them how to transform their existing beliefs, make new choices and create the success they desire.

Her information is grounded in the concept that the common denominator in every area of your life is YOU. Though intellect often leads us to this truth, repeating patterns can leave us unable to access the solutions that will resolve and change these patterns.

Belanie and her team of Live at Choice Platinum Coaches help others learn to access the solutions specific to them. When people become empowered at their core, new beliefs are formed, new thought patterns emerge, and new actions are taken that create outcomes aligned with each individual’s goals and desires.

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