now that you can have ANYTHING you want?
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Wed, May 30th, 2018

5:00PM CST 

Belanie Dishong

Founder/CEO - Live at Choice

ASL Interpreter

now that you know you can have ANYTHING you want?

Imagine never again having to lie awake at night wondering how you’re going to make ends meet.

Can you see yourself living in an amazing partnership?

Maybe you’ll choose a job you can feel good about doing every day.

The most important thing is that you continue to consciously choose what comes next for you.

It’s time to put what you learned in Rules Mastery™ to work.

You know the 12 Rules™.
You have learned how they work.

And like any new skill, mastery takes practice. Let's build your muscle.

One golf lesson doesn’t make you a pro, just like one voice lesson doesn’t make you a great singer.

Join Me At 5:00PM CST On May 30th, 2018 For...
Over the course of three hours, I will show you how to redirect, rather than resist, the thoughts that keep you from realizing your goals, taking action and getting what you want out of life.


We’re going to do a hands-on reconstruction of your thought patterns, and you will leave knowing exactly how to use them to your advantage.

This is an opportunity to learn how to apply the 12 Rules™ specifically to YOUR life, so that you are creating a life you love living, each and every day.

You already know it all starts with your mindset.

And I know – there are lots of programs out there that talk about mindset.
Maybe you’ve tried a couple of them. How did that work out for you? 
I’ll bet you saw some positive results – for a while.
Then, before you knew what happened, 
you were right
back where you started.

I know why that happens. And I will show you how to create the kind of mindset that keeps it from ever happening again.

You have learned that when you change your mindset, your opportunities become really clear, and you can see all the amazing possibilities that are available to you.

I have a strategic, intentional, proven system that not only teaches you how to start living big, but you will finally get free of that negative, critical, sometimes never-ending stream of thoughts that keep you feeling less than.

Does that still seem a little too simple? It’s really not. All it takes is a specific, targeted effort and a willingness to receive everything you desire. 
Lots of people dream really big dreams, and then they fall back into slogging through their day-to-day life. Does that sound familiar?

Don’t be afraid to dream big. You can have all that and MORE. 
It’s true. And I know it’s true because I have developed a proven system that I use every day to create a life I LOVE living, and I have helped thousands of clients do exactly the same thing for themselves.

"I have found Belanie Dishong's Your Life, Your Choice Virtual Training for application of the 12 Rules for Mindset Transformation generates an optimistic and focused frame of mind. And sometimes, astonishingly swift results unfold to my delight!"

Christina Weppner 
Entrepreneur & Registered Architect
New York, NY

"I have been consistently using Belanie's method of creation statements each and every day for over two years. It is remarkable the difference it has made in my professional and personal life. When others were fearful of the economy, I used this system and it changed the way I think and the results I am achieving. I could not consider a day without them."

Brian Bearden
Entrepreneur and Author
Houston, TX
Why would you choose NOT to do this for yourself?
There are probably lots of reasons…
They usually sound something like this:

I don’t have time. And yet you find plenty of time for the daily grind.

I’ve tried stuff like this before. This is not like anything you’ve done before.

I don’t know what to expect. Expectations have no causal effect. Mindset does.

It’s hopeless. There’s no such thing. I woke up on the bathroom floor after a failed suicide attempt, right before I figured out what I’m about to teach you.

I can’t afford it. You can’t afford NOT to!
And maybe you’re just afraid, and you don't believe it will work for you.

I want you to know that I hear you. 
You are finally heard, and by someone who can help you do something about it.
 So... Take the leap, and let's do this together.
Belanie Dishong, Founder and CEO of Live at Choice, is the author of a #1 international best seller, keynote speaker, workshop leader, and expert in experiential training techniques that empower her clients to create breakthroughs that lead to transformational and sustainable life changes.

Since 1993, she has led thousands of entrepreneurs and corporations in effectiveness workshops, resulting in greater performance, passion and success.

Belanie has developed a proven process and tangible tools that lead people to experience critical self-discovery. Her unique process empowers participants to understand exactly where the limitations in their relationships, finances, and careers occur, and teaches them how to transform their existing beliefs, make new choices and create the success they desire.

Her information is grounded in the concept that the common denominator in every area of your life is YOU. Though intellect often leads us to this truth, repeating patterns can leave us unable to access the solutions that will resolve and change these patterns. Belanie and her team of Live at Choice Platinum Coaches help others learn to access the solutions specific to them. When people become empowered at their core, new beliefs are formed, new thought patterns emerge, and new actions are taken that create outcomes aligned with each individual’s goals and desires.

To request more info, please email us at WeCare@LiveAtChoice.com

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