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How to Stay Focused and Get More Done, Even if Interruptions Steal Your Time.
In this FREE TRAINING, learn the rules to create a successful mindset!
The truth about what is stealing your ability to focus.

3 steps to discover what it is costing you when you can’t stay focused.
The #1 secret to take the worry and stress out of getting things done.

Belanie Dishong, Founder and CEO of Live at Choice, is the author of a #1 international best seller, keynote speaker, workshop leader, and expert in experiential training techniques that empower her clients to create breakthroughs that lead to transformational and sustainable life changes. Since 1993, she has led thousands of entrepreneurs and corporations in effectiveness workshops, resulting in greater performance, passion and success.

Belanie has developed a proven process and tangible tools that lead people to experience critical self-discovery. Her unique process empowers participants to understand exactly where the limitations in their relationships, finances, and careers occur, and teaches them how to transform their existing beliefs, make new choices and create the success they desire.

Her information is grounded in the concept that the common denominator in every area of your life is YOU. Though intellect often leads us to this truth, repeating patterns can leave us unable to access the solutions that will resolve and change these patterns.

Belanie and her team of Live at Choice Platinum Coaches help others learn to access the solutions specific to them. When people become empowered at their core, new beliefs are formed, new thought patterns emerge, and new actions are taken that create outcomes aligned with each individual’s goals and desires.

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